sonyc precinctTen SONYC students met at the 121st Police Precinct last week to continue our ongoing community service activities with the police department, preparing the landscape for winter. The students worked hard over the course of almost three hours and filled 10 large bags with weeds, branches and other lawn debris. Students were instructed on landscaping techniques and they received a short talk with the Community Affairs Officer about the role of community in helping the police department.
The School’s Out New York City (SONYC) group is an extracurricular program through the NYCID that helps middle school students in the community take action and become better citizens. We work with the students in community service projects. Over the summer, the SONYC helped package and prepare over 10,000 meals for the starving people in developing countries such as Haiti. The program focuses on teaching students leadership and STEM-based skills.
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