11118822_10152746328987821_6752370587476367269_oThis past Saturday was an eventful one as NYCID headed an event for the students, families, and community members of Port Richmond, where they celebrated being a part of Mayor DeBlasio’s newfound “Community School” initiative. The event, which was sponsored by Emblem Health, included free food, activities, and linkage to resources, while people of all ages came to revel in the excitement and awareness for Port Richmond High School. This kick-off event was held to showcase the resources provided by Port Richmond Community High School available for students and their families in the community which include, but are not limited to: physical health, mental health, and other resources at their disposal. Port Richmond Community High School is now the “hub” for accessible resources within this community.

Being a part of the Mayor’s initiative, Port Richmond Community High School opened up a state-of-the-art medical center run by Staten Island University Hospital, with a mental health service area right on the grounds of the school as well. Including these valuable new additions to the Port Richmond Community High School is the astonishing Physical Health & Wellness Center, along with a Parent Fitness Center that holds $100,000 worth of fitness equipment for students and parents disposal.

It is events and initiatives, such as this, which highlight what NYCID stands for. This event serves as an example for other schools and for future call-to-actions as well. The members of NYCID applaud the efforts that were put in place by Mayor DeBlasio and we can only hope for this trend to continue in the future. For more information about the “community school” initiative, or about our services, feel free to call us at (718) 815-4557.