youthApproximately 39% of students who enter ninth grade each fall fail to graduate with their peers four years later, according to a recent study. Through funding from United Way of New York City, Port Richmond High School is preparing students for activities designed to improve their attendance and academic performance from the Graduate, Prepare, Succeed(GPS-NYC) program. This program helps ninth grade students with a history of chronic absenteeism graduate on time and ready for college. The initiative pairs schools with community-based organizations to provide students with holistic services that address barriers to attending school. The students receive academic support, attendance outreach, counseling, and case management.

GPS works to ensure that students gain a minimum of 10 credits in the ninth grade and provide credit-bearing opportunities both inside and outside school. The initiative also offers students college and career exploration and preparation activities. GPS is now working with 60 public high schools and 33 community-based organizations.

GPS is focusing to significantly enhance educational outcomes throughout the New York City via a program-to-policy approach. Through precise data collection and program evaluation, NYCID will be able to determine which approaches are most effective and then work with our partners in academia and government to incorporate the best practices into policy that will ultimately benefit students throughout the entire New York City public school systems.

Programs we offer

  • Credit Recovery

  • Tutoring

  • Cultural Cooking

  • Computer Technology

  • Step Team

  • Leadership

  • Yearbook

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