Here we go again, with our Team Member of the Month Award!

We are as committed to our team here at NYCID as they are to those they serve and we make sure they feel that commitment. That is why we take the time each month to honor one team member who has gone above and beyond in their job and has truly exemplified our mission of improving lives.

For April we have chosen Clifton Fuller, a mentor in the Arches Program for his dedication to his clients and fellow team members. Clifton has shown, not only in the month of April, but throughout all of his time at NYCID, that he truly cares about the work that he does. Without Clifton the Arches Program, and all probation programs would be at such a loss, as he has been the go to person for whatever needs to get done. Delivering essential items to families in need isn’t a question to Clifton, he knows it needs to be done. He hops on his motorcycle to provide people with things like phones, food, water, and music CDs to improve people’s lives in this time of emergency.

Today we took the time to award Clifton virtually for all his hard work with NYCID CEO Candace Gonzalez, Associate Director Michael DeVito Jr, and all the staff and participants of the Arches Program. We waited for everyone to join in the call and once everyone was there the ceremony began. Michael DeVito began talking about why we do Team Member of the Month and that it goes to someone each month who shows NYCID values at their core. He then announced that for April, Clifton was to win the award and he was the reason we had all gathered together. After that, the award that can be seen below was read aloud and everyone began applauding Clifton for his hard work. Julius Walker, Program Director of Arches, then took over the meeting asking people to personally say their own words of congratulations. Julius then began talking about how he is proud of his team for standing up and continuing to work in the face of this emergency. Clifton humbly accepted his congratulations, noting that it was a team effort and he couldn’t have done it without his peers.

Thank you Clifton for all the hard work you do for our organization and continue to improve the lives of those in the Arches Program!