For the most part we all start our day the same. We wake up. We get out of bed and execute a routine of one sort or another. Why are these the steps in our lives? As social beings we are drawn to what makes us feel good. We are motivated by our commitments and we all seek a sense of fulfillment and connection. Our commitments motivate us to continue striving to do more. Otherwise, why would we even want to wake up at all?

As our nation faces down the many challenges of the current emergency, we must not miss the opportunity to maintain our routines and that includes recognizing the recent elevation of a dedicated, and long-time team member.

Recognition is for many of us a constant motivator and being promoted for our efforts is a powerful reward. This is Elizabeth Bonici’s journey with NYCID. Having worn many hats in her almost 20 years of service, Liz was recently elevated from her position as Associate Mediation Manager to Director of Training and Program Development – Conflict Management Services.

Liz began working at NYCID in 2001 in an administrative role and fully transitioned to the conflict resolution team in 2005. She has helped countless people and families resolve their conflict and live better lives. Initially, her work was overseeing mediation in schools, parent and child mediation, and truancy mediation. She also helped coordinate NYCID’s Parent A.C.T. and manage volunteers for many years. Liz is trained in various forms of mediation and has invaluable experience with putting these mediation skills into action. She is guided by a truth: mediation works. She believes that every school in New York City should offer mediation services. When schools, families, and communities work together young people are more likely to exceed expectations and overcome obstacles. Mediation is a great tool that can help young people to further their education!

Being a native Staten Islander, Liz has seen first-hand the positive results that NYCID has manifested through conflict management. She knows that exposing young people to conflict management and effective communication techniques at an early age can help them throughout the rest of their lives because they will be able to resolve their own issues and solve their own problems in a healthy manner.

Liz has shown throughout her career a deep commitment to NYCID’s mission of improving people’s lives. Her leadership experience has been instrumental in helping us create a concise contingency plan to continue our Conflict Management services in this time of crisis. At a time when it can be so easy for people to drift apart, Liz is working diligently everyday to help us march on.

Join us in congratulating Elizabeth Bonici on being elevated to Director.

And should you need Liz and her team in this time of crisis, please Text RESOLVE to 51555 or fill out this form here.