Finding the right leaders to build community and nurture personal growth requires a lot of consideration.  Great leaders do not just materialize out of thin air and those who become the best often never set out to be a leader in the first place.  This is because leadership is a journey with countless destinations. Places in both reality and in one’s heart where one arrives after having spent at times years with a passion for purpose.  We are so proud to share with our community that Maram Salem, one of NYCID’s team members, has been elevated to the position of Associate Director of After School Programs; and we are just as please to announce the hiring of Tyra Smith as the new Associate Director of Community Development at Port Richmond High School.

Maram Salem

Maram was recently elevated to Associate Director of After School Programs.  A life-long educator with a Masters in Math and Science Education, she flourishes on watching children learn through self inquiry. She is a firm believer that nothing great happens alone; collaboration is key.  Originally from Brooklyn, Maram is proud to be a Staten Islander and we couldn’t be happier to now have her in a leadership role to help support our After School programs! 

Tyra Smith–   

NYCID welcomes Tyra as the Associate Director of Community Development at Port Richmond High School. Tyra attended Brooklyn Technical High School and recently graduated from Hunter College with a degree in Social Work. Her passion is to help our youth through time spent and conversation. Tyra believes that being a positive role model and influence to our students will guarantee their success in life as our future leaders, parents, and overall productive members of society. She strongly believes that it takes a village to raise a child. Her view is that collaboration and partnership are key in ensuring the success of children.