We believe in building community and that means helping people live safely and in peace.

This world is not safe for any of us if it is not safe for our Asian-American neighbors. The rise in hate crimes is rampant and unacceptable.

The most recent attacks, assaults, and hateful rants are proof that racist forces are hard at work in America and they would rather see us divided. They continue to cast blame, diminish contributions, and spew lies, while they do physical harm and take lives. They continue to march towards a tribal agenda that affects each of us every day. An agenda that keeps all of us afraid of what might happen next: this is terrorism.

We at NYCID stand with our Asian kids, our young adults, and their families.

We are here to help you resolve your conflict and your traumas – we will not be bystanders, while you walk the streets of our communities afraid for your lives. If you need our services text “TRUST” to 51555 and one of our conflict managers will contact you.

As a community, we must all take action.

Like many non-profit organizations, we are sharing a list of actions for all of us to take.

Together, let us continue to speak out against racism, prejudice, and bigotry.

Together, let’s build community by saying we will not allow this to continue.

Here is a focused set of actions you can take.