Workforce Initiatives: Personal and Professional Development

How do you see the world? What is the lens you are looking through? What gifts or attributes do you have as a human being that are unique? Why are you, you? And how does any of this matter to you when you are thinking about what kind of career you might want to pursue? How does knowing yourself make you employable?

If you are landing here it is because you are part of one of NYCID’s College and Career Readiness trainings, Work Readiness trainings, Sector Focus Credentialing programs, and/or one of our internship programs such as Learning to Work and Summer Youth Employment.

This web platform is designed for you to work both independently and in group or class settings. You will use the lessons, tools, assessments, projects and tips to help you further develop personal and professional knowledge, skills, and abilities. We will do this together by exploring who you are as a person so you can understand what you need to know in order to choose your next steps.

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