NYCID @ Lehman High School: College and Career Readiness

This is Where We Begin

How do you see the world? What is the lens you are looking through? What gifts or attributes do you have as a human being that are unique? Why are you, you? And how does any of this matter to you when you are thinking about what kind of career you might want to pursue? How does knowing yourself make you employable?

Each task, activity, and click on these pages is a step toward creating the right plan to pursue after high school.

Here we will help guide you toward a satisfying career. We will help you see that, in order to find satisfaction, with a career you need to process who you are as a person. We will help you focus on what is valuable. We will help you connect the dots between who you are and what you will do with your life.

This is the journey – the process of inventing yourself.

And it is one that doesn’t exactly have an end.


Program Goals

During this course, you will be guided in the process of creating an initial Post-Secondary Readiness plan that you will continue to build upon each year. In order to achieve this goal you will build:

– A Career Zone Professional Portfolio including mini-projects outlined in lessons; and

– A NYCID Self-Discovery Pro-Action Plan including mini-project outlined in lessons

For this first year, you will also create a presentation based upon participants’ Sector-Focused Career. Either idenpendently or in a group, youth will present one of the following:

1. Action Plan

2. Mock Website

3. Mock App

4. PSA (Public Service Announcement

5. One Pager