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Participants share they will use these tools in personal and professional relationships.


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Dedicated time with your team to understand dynamics, barriers, and challenges.


Building flexible and appropriate training modules which meet needs.


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Offering pathways to continuously evolve and expand your team’s learning and development.

Meeting people where they are when they need us

We create learning spaces that honor and respect perspectives, identities, and trauma. We recognize that people are the sum of their experiences, and that those we learn with have a lifetime of experience to call upon.

  • Braiding personal and professional development

  • Bridging the gaps between intention and impact

  • Inspiring Wholeness and Belonging

We use activities, role plays, and examples from your sector to make learning real.

Mindful Communication in the work place

Restorative Practices in the Workplace

Our training modules engage participants in self-awareness, effective communication, conflict management, and de-escalation techniques, which create the capacity to communicate through conflict. We use cutting-edge social and emotional theories, trauma-informed care, and restorative practices.

We define mindful communication as honing the ability to become a more conscious listener and intentional speaker. Mindful Communicators enter into difficult conversations with a sense of openness, non-judgment, and compassion with the goal of fostering understanding, connection, and mutual respect for all people. When we mindfully communicate, we practice presence, self-awareness, personal accountability, compassion, and love.

Basic Mediation

Basic Mediation Training covers the basic theory and skills of mediation in a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Participants will be introduced to the theoretical grounding underlying effective conflict interventions as well as the practical skills and techniques necessary to assist parties in conflict. Participants will learn to de-escalate negative and unproductive conflict interactions while assisting both parties and their lawyers to engage in productive dialogue, interest-based negotiation and effective decision-making.

Peer Mediation

Peer mediation programs provide students with the opportunity to sit down and talk out their conflicts with their peers, before the situation escalates into further tension, disruption and physical altercations. Students learn that their conflicts can be resolved in a productive manner with the help of other young people trained to provide neutral and confidential guidance. Within this safe, non-judgmental setting, disputants often feel more comfortable taking responsibility for their words and actions, which can enable them to create solutions with the other party more easily.


“I highly recommend this training for team building and to increase client service satisfaction. This training was one of the highlights of our retreat!” ~ Arlette Cepeda |Deputy Director | La Colmena

“This [Mindful Communication] training was great and will help me have better understanding of the way we speak, Listen and understand the conversations we have with other individuals.” ~ Exit Survey Feedback

“I will definitely be taking the skills learned in this training into my life both personally and professionally.” Exit Survey Feedback

“Share this [Mindful Communication] training with all agencies in all 5 boroughs.” ~ Exit Survey Feedback

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