NYCID @ Port Richmond – College and Career Readiness

Six: Response-ABILITIES

Master Martial Artist Bruce Lee said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

We all have things that we are good at, right? And many of us have things we are interested in and dedicate ourselves to practice enough to be amazing.

A jump shot. A drum solo. The Mile. A video game. Public speaking. Coding. Saving Lives. Winning cases. Selling stocks. Building houses. Fixing cars.

How much time does it take to figure our what we are good at though? What do we have to do to know?

Do we already know?



Expectations: This week we are working with our best intentions to meet the following expectations:

  • Understand how abilities connect to what we do
  • Understand how to use your abilities to choose a career pathway
  • Continue to build Career Zone Portfolio

Take a moment to Breath

Three Simple Steps:

1. Inhale fully in and expand belly muscles – 3 to 5 seconds to fill the diaphragm

2. Exhale out and release and relax belly – Don’t force the air out.

3. Chose the most comfortable nose/ mouth pattern.

Always Journaling

Take a few minutes with some pen and paper and get out of your head for a few minutes.

Describe how you were feeling or as we say, “What was moving in you” as you were breathing?

Paradigm Activity

If you recall is during orientation that we all see the world through a subjective lens which is constructed on our experiences. We tend to see things in certain ways.

Looking at the image here – what do you see?


Your Task

Hopefully, by now you are seeing how we are stacking your activities and how they are building upon each of the components on Your Career Zone Profile.

This week you are going to once explore another area of your self- your abilities.

Follow the Pro-Action Plan closely to ensure that you are getting to each of the questions and that you are spending the time to start to really dig into each of the “jobs” that are being offered as potential career paths for you.