NYCID @ Port Richmond – College and Career Readiness

Seven: Job Readiness Skills

As you are now detecting, we are approaching your career pathways from every angle. You have identified your values and interests and you have begun to understand what abilities you have and which ones you intend to cultivate and your next step in drilling down to the right job for your is to identify the types of skills you will need to perform your duties in career paths you are considering getting on.


The first steps you take with us will help you understand how we will work together:

  • Identify Job Readiness Skills
  • Continue to build Career Zone Portfolio

Take a moment to Breath

Three Simple Steps:

1. Inhale fully in and expand belly muscles – 3 to 5 seconds to fill the diaphragm

2. Exhale out and release and relax belly – Don’t force the air out.

3. Chose the most comfortable nose/ mouth pattern.

Always Journaling

Take a few minutes with some pen and paper and get out of your head for a few minutes.

Describe how you were feeling or as we say, “What was moving in you” as you were breathing?

Step One: Read this article: 12 Top Job Skills for Any Industry: Transferable Skills You Need

The article and adjoining video will drill down into the main concepts you will need to know to complete your Pro-Action Plan for the week.

Step Two: When you are done with this review, access CareerZone and complete the Job Skills Task in your Pro-Action plan.

Reminder: Like in the Abilities Activity you are looking for alignment in the skills you feel you have and the jobs that CareerZone reports as possible matches for you.

Here is a really quick reminder video: