NYCID @ Port Richmond – College and Career Readiness

Four: Targeting Work Values

In our lifetimes we will spend more time working than we will with our families and friends. We will find that many of our stresses and life challenges will be informed by whether or not we feel fulfilled at work. We come to learn that when we are not happy at work it will affect every other area of our life.

In week two you heard from Benjamin Todd who shares with us that we won’t find fulfillment at work if we are only doing what is making us happy – we have to also do what is valuable.

This week we take a deep dive into work values to see what will help us achieve that goal.

The goal- find the synergy and build a career trajectory that allows you to have meaningful experiences.


  • Understanding how your values connect to your career interests
  • Understanding how to use what is valuable to plot a career path
  • Continue to build Career Zone Portfolio

Take a moment to Breath

Three Simple Steps:

1. Inhale fully in and expand belly muscles – 3 to 5 seconds to fill the diaphragm

2. Exhale out and release and relax belly – Don’t force the air out.

3. Chose the most comfortable nose/ mouth pattern.

Always Journaling

Take a few minutes with some pen and paper and get out of your head.

Describe how you were feeling or as we say, “What was moving in you” as you were breathing?

STEP ONE: Watch the three minute walk through video here and then log into your Career Zone Account and complete the Work Value Assessment.

STEP TWO: Once you have your Theme Code – use the VIEW OCCUPATIONS Button to explore the various jobs that support your work values. Choose one Job from each JOB ZONE and write a response to each.

STEP THREE: Referring back to your Pro-Action Plan Career Zone from week two, review each “3 Star Job” you chose and see how many of the jobs you researched align with any of the (8) Job Zones above:

For example: If one of my Job Zones above was Chiropractor and when I completed my week two Pro-Action Plan work one of my “3-Star Jobs” was also Chiropractor then my Work Values and my Interests would be in alignment and I would annotate it below by typing Chiropractor on one of the alignment lines.