NYCID @ Port Richmond – College and Career Readiness

Eight: Why Connect Life to Work

Over the course of the last eight weeks your have drilled down into many aspects of career exploration. In this last step we take together we are going to connect your life to work by helping you explore the Life Skills that you have already developed and connecting them to the Jobs that you have spend 7 weeks investigating and aligning with your values, interests, abilities, and specific work skills.

Once we make that connect, you are going to close out your work by creating a “Why Statement” for yourself so that as your continue your journey in your internship and your move on to other opportunities, you will be able to use what you’ve learned here to grow in leaps and bounds and to make choices that get you closer to where you want to be: doing what is valuable.


  • Understand how life skills help you at work
  • Understand how to write a “Why Statement”
  • Continue to build Career Zone Portfolio

Take a moment to Breath

Three Simple Steps:

1. Inhale fully in and expand belly muscles – 3 to 5 seconds to fill the diaphragm

2. Exhale out and release and relax belly – Don’t force the air out.

3. Chose the most comfortable nose/ mouth pattern.

Always Journaling

Take a few minutes with some pen and paper and get out of your head for a few minutes.

Describe how you were feeling or as we say, “What was moving in you” as you were breathing?

We often hear people say that the experiences they had in their younger years got them ready for the success they found when they were older.

What they really mean is that there are skills they developed outside of school or training programs that they brought with them into their jobs.

For this activity you are going to identify the skills you currently have and match them to the jobs you’ve been researching.

Step One: After entering your observations on Career Zone in the Life Skills area, look at your Week 7 Pro- Action plan where you aligned the other areas of career exploration.


Watch this video ?????

Step Two of your Pro-Action plan for this final week is to first take notes, draw pictures, or map it out, and to catalogue the emotions you are feeling (remember the wheel).

This will help you start to make sense of the core elements of your personal statement – Your WHY Statement.

As you complete this step, consider what you have discovered about what is moving in you and how your life is a circle.