Dominick J. Brancato Leadership Award

2023 Inaugural Honoree – John Minardo, Esq.

By Michael De Vito Jr. – Executive Director

John Minardo learned to give back from his father, Justice Philip G. Minardo, who served for 22 years, and his mother, Joan, who taught mainly second graders at PS 53 on Staten Island for more than 30 years.

As his professional career in law took off in the early 2000s, John felt the need to find a way to use his knowledge and experience to be of service to his community. His friend Jon Del Giorno introduced him to NYCID. While he was intrigued by the mediation work the organization was doing in conjunction with the court system, it was the youth development work with disadvantaged communities that really drew John in.

“I have stayed with NYCID because they continue to have a direct impact on participants, and they have been nimble, adjusting the focus to the needs of students and the broader community. I am constantly inspired by the drive and determination of the staff to find new and different ways to help people.”

John has served NYCID on multiple levels, including board chair. He has helped govern and steer the organization as it grew from humble beginnings, serving a few hundred people to, in 2023, serving nearly 10,000 people per year.

CEO Candace Gonzalez shared, “John isn’t just an expert in his field, he has proven to be a visionary leader who always listens, inspires, and especially guides NYCID and me toward success.”

Helping NYCID grow is not the only “good” John is focused on. Currently, he is co-leading Ironwood’s DEI council. Over the past two years, the company has expanded its focus to support community-based programs dedicated to combating racism and fostering greater cultural understanding. Under his leadership, the company is providing direct financial and human support to community charities, women-owned businesses, organizations supporting deployed service members, and organizations such as an AAPI community center and one focused on criminal justice reform.

John attributes growing up on Staten Island as where his worldview was shaped, and his most important life lessons were learned. He believes that “Staten Island is a unique community amongst many unique communities across NYC because its residents understand the importance of hard work, self-determination, and mutual support.”

For nearly 20 years, NYCID has benefited from John’s business acumen, and zeal, which in turn means our island and our city is better because of John.

I am a NYCID team member who rose through the ranks to my current station. Along the way, my interactions with John keep feeling seen, appreciated, and motivated to go out and do more for our community.

For these reasons and others not herein, John Minardo is awarded the inaugural Dominck J. Brancato Leadership Award.

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