If you are on this page it is because this is your first time doing SYEP with NYCID.

We call our program NYCID-Y because you each will be placed in group this summer and together you and your fellow group members (or Nycid-izens) will create a micro-city which will be a vision of the actual place you want to live in – a city where you feel welcomed, and one where you have a sense of belonging. And while you work with your team you will have lots of space to explore who you are and who you may wish to #Become!

This site is where you will do all your independent work each week. Your instructor will use this site as a guide in your group sessions (or huddles). This will keep us all on the same page!

The most important thing we want you to do on this site is to always be sure to follow the prompts.

For example, you will see prompts like:

When you see a prompt you must take action.

Welcome Video

Also, when you see our colleague pointing to an image on the site – you are to click on the image to get more information.

Communicate Through Conflict

One of the most important essential skills we can all learn is how to communicate through conflict. When your emotions are high and your stress levels are putting an incredible amount of pressure on your body, knowing how you naturally deal with adversity will help you create the space to have responses instead of reactions in the heat of the tense moments we all find ourselves in.

This next step is where you will take an inventory to discover your natural Conflict Style.

Before completing this step, be sure to watch the video on how to save the results of your Conflict Assessment.

Once you are sure you understand how to save your results, click on the Institute of Peace Image and complete your 30 question survey.

Next – Complete Your Inventory

Click the Institute of Peace Image below to get access to the inventory!

Note: the questions are repetitive for a reason!

Next – Understanding the Pro-Action Plan

This summer you will create a plan of action, what we call the Pro-Action Plan. This is your work product and you will be paid each week based upon how well you complete each step.

Remember – 50% of your income each week depends on you completing the required number of steps in the Pro-Action plan.

Digication account information will go out the week of June 27th.

And remember when you see this prompt it will mean you have to take action and complete work on your Pro-Action Plan!