Week Four – Sector Focused in the NYCIDY

As they say – this week is when the rubber meets the road. After all your exploring and attention to detail, you will now dig deep into the sector you choose. This week’s activities aim to get you into a space where you have enough information to create a list of priorities and possible project ideas to present to your team. Then you and your team will begin to develop your project together. In addition to this work, you will also do a bit more self-discovery.

Land Acknowledgment

In New York, we are on the ancestral land of the Lenape people.

We say this to acknowledge that, no matter when or how we personally arrived on this land, we each have a relationship to the life and the pain that this ground has been witness to.

Let us take a moment to reflect on the responsibility of that relationship.

Let us be stewards of this land and make a connection to it that allows us to leave it better off than when we arrived.

If you’d like to learn more you can go to these links to get a deeper understanding.

Tool ~ Mindfulness Check-in

Setting the Container – 

In our sessions together – we will always “Set the Container” and that means we will make commitments to each other on how we will work together.

Click the Group Commitments below to read through what to expect in our sessions together.

-You are here ~ Be present ~ Be Kind ~ Treat others how you want to be treated

-Embrace “The Circle Process” – As shared the way we work at NYCID is using the Restorative Circle – We will never force you to speak so understand you can pass and we expect that you will participate as you become more familiar with the how we work together.

-Let perfection go and share your experiences – We must work together and learn from one another in order for our process to be fulfilling.

-Remember impact over intention – As shared we often have the best intentions and we do not always realize the impact our actions have on others. When you get a reaction you were not expecting say “ops” and if you are on the receiving end say “ouch.”

-Notice our own biases and judgments – We all have them. Let’s not ignore them!

-Realize our privilege – It exists and is based on different seen and unseen identities we hold – we deepen our connections to one another when we acknowledge as much.

-Practice self-care and community care – Take care of yourself – when done right – you will take care of others!

Circle Up – How are MWe?

Check in with one another around how things are going for you this summer. Are you getting everything done? Is it the summer you expected?

Be prepared to share your answer to the from above in the circle.


Upon returning to the main circle – we will harvest (share) some of what was moving in the smaller conversations.

The Question in the main circle is always: What is moving in me?

Exercise 168

In order to get to where you are going, you gotta know where you’ve been, right?

So before we dive into what it is that we need to do to keep ourselves motivated to create a plan filled with good habits, take a few minutes now to watch the video then, let’s take a look at what we are doing right now, with our time.

From sleeping to eating, from video games to riding the bus, investigate and lay that out for yourself what you do from day to day.

Pro-Action Plan Step Week 4 (1 of 2)

Where is Your Time Going?

?? Complete Exercise 168! ?

Then on the “My Intentions” Page in your Pro-Action plan use the space provided to share your reflections.

Remember: you can choose any write your answers, or record an audio or video file to express your ideas.

Note: You will need to discuss your answers in our circles during our sessions together.


Here is where– for a short while– your path will diverge from some of your team members. Here is where you will work with the few to help many.

Big Note: Your exploration should be done at the very beginning of the week because by the middle of the week, you will need to pick your sector and contribute to your team’s priorities by the end of the week!

Note: Each Sector Tile will take you to the specific workflow!

Arts and Humanities

Business and Information Systems

Health Services

Engineering and Technology

Natural and Agricultural Sciences

Human and Public Services

Making Decisions Together

No, you are not seeing duplicate!

What you are experiencing is the same process being used in several different ways, which will help you develop an essential skill! This week we will use the Taking Sides process again to get our projects off the ground.

For this activity you will:

  • Work together as a team to discuss the priorities that each individual team member presents
  • Assign a Team Leader who will be responsible for Completing the document
  • Work Together to complete the document title: Sector Focused Project Planning Document

For Group Session