Week Four – Sector Focused in the NYCIDY

Natural and Agricultural Sciences

If you are here it is because you were drawn to Natural and Agricultural Sciences either by interest or because your Career Zone assessment revealed that you have natural skills, abilities, and talents that would make you good at careers that are related to this sector.

Remember to Connect

As you move through the material and return to the site each time and as you move through your group sessions, remember to always begin with your check-in.

First, return to your Career Zone Landing page and reorient yourself to the Natural and Agricultural Sciences Sector.

People working in this field apply technical and scientific knowledge to the study of the earth and its elements and frontiers. They care for and protect environments, harvest natural resources, such as plants and raise animals.

Using the buttons below go to each of these websites to complete all the steps in your Pro-Action Plan.

Watch these videos to go deeper into the Natural and Agricultural Sciences.

Pro-Action Plan Step Week 4 (2 of 2):

Exploring Your Sector

Big Note: The directions on your Pro-Action Plan “Career Journey” Page will only show you the Number of Steps you have to complete. Please use these directions to complete the steps.

Step One: On your Pro-Action Plan, identify three concepts/ideas/activities that you learned about from each of the 3 Urban Farm locations. What is unique about each of these locations?

Step Two: Explore each of these spaces and work to identify 2 to 4 top priorities for the way that they bring Natural and Agricultural Sciences into their community.

Step Three: Using the below questions to guide you, consider what your priorities will be for your NYCIDY Urban Farm.

  • What produce will NYCIDY grow?
  • Will NYCIDY keep bees?
  • Will NYCIDY use existing land for farming or repurpose abandoned land or use rooftops?
  • How large will NYCIDY’s farm be?
  • Will NYCIDY residents be required to volunteer to tend the farm/garden?
  • Where will produce be stored for the winter?
  • Will NYCIDY keep and breed animals for food? If so, which animals?
  • Who will tend the animals? Middle and HS students for credit?
  • Will the farm feed NYCIDY residents for free?
  • Will produce be donated to those in need?
  • How will you dispose of waste? Will you have composting? A dump?

Step Four: Be prepared to present the following ideas for a sector-focused project so that your sector-focused team will decide together which project you will present for the NYCIDY Games.

  1. Using the global challenges from the video present a local solution to an agricultural program.
  2. Using the questions in Step Three, create/complete the NYCIDY Urban Farming Plan for presentation. Consider:
    • Sketch/Draw NYCIDY Urban Farm and describe your plan using a presentation (see examples here.)
    • Create a mock website for your NYCIDY Urban Farm. Design a website mock up or wireframe using Google Docs or by using Moqups.

Note: use the websites you explored to take inspiration for NYCIDY Urban Farm.