The NYCID-Y Games Explained

After you and your sector focused team complete your sector projects you will then work in the main group to create a single project for your district.

~The NYCIDY Games requires each NYCIDY District create a single Project Highlighting each Sector’s Priorities~

Presentation Requirements and Notes:

  • You will nominate a representative from each sector to be your NYCID-Y Presenters
  • There will be (6) presenters per NYCID-Y District
  • Your NYCIDY’s Final Presentation should be no longer than 10 minutes long.
  • Your final presentation should be recorded and posted NLT Thursday 8/12 at midnight.
  • The NYCID Games will be presented on Friday 8/13 from noon to 3 p.m. on Youtube.
  • Winners will be selected and awards will be given the week of 8/16.
  • Those that do not present will provide support based upon the project guidelines
  • Your Instructor will share Project Guidelines and the Competition Rubric which will also be on the web portal.


Second Place

$100 Gift Card

for each

Presenting Team Member

First Place

Beats Headphones

for each

Presenting Team Member

Third Place

$50 Gift Card

for each

Presenting Team Member

Important note: Awards are only given to the team members who present the final project to the judges and not for the entire NYCID-Y,

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Arts and Humanities

Business and Information Systems

Health Services

Engineering and Technology

Natural and Agricultural Sciences

Human and Public Services