Week Three – Decide and Explore

Well, we are moving right along, aren’t we? The purpose of your work this week is to make some decisions about how you will participate in the final three weeks by choosing a sector to work in and exploring that sector while thinking about what you would want to see come into reality in your NYCID-Y. Our thinking is that if you can imagine it here, you can go out into the world and realize it for all of us!

Let’s find our way together.

Land Acknowledgment

In New York, we are on the ancestral land of the Lenape people.

We say this to acknowledge that, no matter when or how we personally arrived on this land, we each have a relationship to the life and the pain that this ground has been witness to.

Let us take a moment to reflect on the responsibility of that relationship.

Let us be stewards of this land and make a connection to it that allows us to leave it better off than when we arrived.

If you’d like to learn more you can go to these links to get a deeper understanding.

Tool ~ Mindfulness Check-in

Setting the Container – 

In our sessions together – we will always “Set the Container” and that means we will make commitments to each other on how we will work together.

Click the Group Commitments below to read through what to expect in our sessions together.

-You are here ~ Be present ~ Be Kind ~ Treat others how you want to be treated

-Let perfection go and share your experiences – We must work together and learn from one another in order for our process to be fulfilling.

-Remember impact over intention – As shared we often have the best intentions and we do not always realize the impact our actions have on others. When you get a reaction you were not expecting to say “opps” and if you are on the receiving end say “ouch.”

-Notice our own biases and judgments – We all have them. Let’s not ignore them!

-Realize our privilege – It exists and is based on different seen and unseen identities we hold – we deepen our connections to one another when we acknowledge as much.

-Practice self-care and community care – Take care of yourself – when done right – you will take care of others!

Circle Up – How are MWe?

What has been your most interesting discovery so far this summer?

Be prepared to share your answer to the from above in the circle.

What Do You really Need?

Take a minute to consider how many times a day you are thinking about everything you need in your life. Note – not want. Consider the things you need. We all know that there is a difference because we’re pretty sure that while we want expensive things – we don’t necessarily need them.

Consider this – the things you want are usually informed by a “need” you are trying to fill. So if you want a fancy car, it might be because you are trying to fulfill the need to feel like you have achieved some status. Wild right?

Please spend some time with the videos below and better understand why we spend so much time trying to fulfill our needs as human beings.

Pro-Action Plan Step Week 3 (1 of 5):

What do you REALLY need?

Consider all you now know about your emotions and list the TWO needs that you find yourself most focused on in your life right now. Share these needs and why you feel you have them on your “My Intentions” Page.

Remember: you can choose any write your answers, or record an audio or video file to express your ideas.

Note: You will need to discuss your answers in our circles during our sessions together.

Tool ~ Systems Thinking Iceberg

For people to survive and thrive in world, we know how to understand the systems that we exist in. We all know that these systems do not work for everyone. We can improve and change much to create more equitable, fair, and just systems. If we want to feel inspired to live meaningful lives, we must find ways to reimagine the systems we live in.

Systems thinking is looking at the big picture of how different parts of a system interact with and influence one another. Systems thinking is also about defining a problem, forming a hypothesis, and building a model to enact a change regarding the problem.

Pro-Action Plan Step Week 3 (2 of 5):

What are your Mental Models? What are you seeing in the world?

Here are some example:

  • Event – people are being overtly rude on the buses and trains.
  • Event – Teens are painting graffiti on walls (stigma attached)
  • Event – younger folks are only using technology for social media/older folks are not tech savvy – (both are missing out on opportunities)
  • Event – the price of gas is going through the roof and so are bus/train fares – Engineering sector or public services sector

Then on the “My Tools” Page in your Pro-Action plan use the space provided to share how you move through down the iceberg.

Note: You will need to discuss your answers in our circles during our sessions together.

What’s Our Story? 

So far you and your fellow NYCID-izens have talked a lot about life and your own personal stories. As we make the shift to exploring the sectors that make up our micro-society we are going to begin to think about our collective story.

Your efforts in this section will ensure that the rubber meets road. Each of you will have a lot of space this week to begin making decisions about how the city will be organized and what your the mission will be.

You’ve already done your personal Mission or Why Statement, and now it’s time to ask yourself: what do you want to bring to the table to present to your team about what your collective WHY will be?

In order to make meaningful contributions to this team effort, you are going to need to be ready to do three things:

Pro-Action Plan Step Week Three (3 of 5):

On Your NYCIDY Contributions Page – Complete all of the “Making Contributions” Steps

Review each of the websites above and on your Pro-Action plan, catalogue the beliefs, statements, and slogans that stand out for you.

Note: You will need to discuss your answers in our circles during our sessions together.

Remember to Connect

As you move through the material and return to the site each time and as you move through your group sessions, remember to always begin with your check-in.

NYCID-Y Mission, Values, and Slogan

Let’s call our attention back to week one, when we learned to work through conflict with the Taking Sides Activity. This activity showed you have to interact with others and make decisions as a group.

During our session this week, we will use that same process to decide on the Mission, Beliefs, and Values of our NYCIDYs.

Remember on your Pro-Action plan you were asked to write down your ideas for your society’s mission, slogan, and values. You’ll need to make those contributions to the group for this exercise to be successful.

For Group Session

Career Zone – Explore More 

Time to do just a bit more exploring on Career Zone to nail down the sector you will be focusing on. Remember that the best way to ensure you are on the right path is to keep testing your decisions and ideas. So in this step, your goal is to compare the information you are getting from Career Zone to what you know about yourself.

Note – if you need to use the Ladder of Inference, consider the choice you will make!

Pro-Action Plan Step Week 3 (4 of 5):

Am I choosing the right path?

Complete the following two surveys on Career Zone:

Spend some time thinking about what you entered in last week’s Pro-Action Plan for the careers you have been considering for your life. Then compare those to your O ‘Net Survey results.

Then on the “Career Journey” Page in your Pro-Action plan use the space provided to make you decision.

Note: You will need to discuss your answers in our circles during our sessions together.

Tool ~ Evocation Interviewing

Now that you have enough information to decide on the sector you will be exploring for the rest of the summer, you and your team will connect for another round of Evocation interviewing.

Pro-Action Plan Step Week 3 (5 of 5):

Consider a time when you felt uncertain about a choice.

On your “Thought Experiment Page.”

As you begin to think about what you might share in your interview take some notes or write a small statement about you special moment to set yourself up for talking about this event in your interview.

During your Group Sessions – you and your team will break out into small circles and conduct interviews. Take a peek at the task below to prepare for the interview!



What was Evocation Interviewing like for you?

Getting Into Focus

It is time to start putting it all together. In one of your sessions this week, each team member will let your instructor know which Sector you want to proceed with for the final three weeks.

Sector Focus

NYCID-Y Sector Focus Choices

First Sector of Interest(Required)
Second Sector of Interest(Required)

Circle Up – Sector Focus Choices

During this circle process, you will discuss make your contribution to the group by stating the sector you wish to explore.

Be prepared to have to make a few decisions to ensure that we have enough people in each of the sectors.

Sector Focused Projects Explained

As you complete your research and exploration as an individual, let’s also take some time to look at what we will do next week as a team.

Here are copies of the Sector Focused Planning Document and the Sector Focus Presentation Rubric, which your instructor will review at the end of this week. You will use these documents in Week Four to make decisions and in week Five to execute your presentation.

2021 Project Examples

The NYCID-Y Games Explained

In the final week, your NYCID-Y will produce a presentation that highlights all the fantastic work you all have done this summer. Your instructor will go over the NYCID-Y Games Event for Week Six in detail. Click below to see the steps you will follow to be ready for the event!