Week Five – Sector Focused in the NYCIDY

Business and Information Systems

If you are here it is because you were drawn to Business and Information Systems either by interest or because your CareerZone assessment revealed that you have natural skills, abilities, and talents which would make you good at careers which are related to this sector.

Remember to Connect

As you move through the material and return to the site each time and as you move through your group sessions, remember to always begin with your check-in.

First, return to your CareerZone Landing page and reorient yourself to the Business and Information System Sector.

People working in this field support public and private enterprises by managing people and information. They perform such activities as planning, training, promoting, consulting, researching and reporting. These activities result in the creation, storage and retrieval/distribution of information. 

Using the buttons below go to each of these websites to

complete the first step in Week Four Pro-Action Plan.

Pro-Action Plan Step Week 4 (2 of 2):

Exploring Your Sector.

Big Note: The directions on your Pro-Action Plan “Career Journey” Page will only show you the Number of Steps you have to complete. Please use these directions to complete the steps.

Step One: On your Pro-Action Plan identify vital business and information systems that exist in your community now.

Step Two: Consider the priorities of these businesses and systems and decide if they would be helpful in your NYCIDY.

Step Three: Using the below questions to guide you, consider what types of business and systems are necessary for your NYCIDY to function:

  • What should your businesses offer the NYCIDY community?
  • What information should be shared with NYCIDY residents?
  • What information should be collected from NYCIDY residents (think Census) in order to connect residents with information?
  • Should these businesses and information systems use green energy?
  • Should High Schools require mandatory service in these local businesses for graduation?
  • If these businesses and systems are free/low cost to NYCIDY residents, who will pay for them?

Step Four: Be prepared to present the following ideas for a sector-focused project, so that your sector-focused team can together decide which project you will present for the NYCIDY Games.

A. Action Plan of at least 3 Essential Businesses that must exist for your NYCIDY to function; each plan at minimum must include:

  1. Title of Business
  2. Business mission
  3. What will the businesses look like/what they will offer?
  4. Why is business necessary?
  5. How will this business be marketed?

Example NYCIDY Free Childcare for children ages infant – 12 years, open from 6 am-5 pm, This business will help working parents by educating and caring for children. The student-created Action Plan for NYCIDY Businesses will be a one-pager with the NYCIDY Logo

B. Action Plan for how to share information.

  • How will information be shared with NYCIDY residents?
  • Should a website be created? What should the website include?
  • Should there be text-to numbers
    • example: text I need a job to 7777, or I need childcare to 7778.
  • What information should be collected from NYCIDY residents (think Census) in order to connect residents with information?

Example: Team could design a website mock up or wireframe using Google Docs or by using Moqups that includes; list of the NYCIDY businesses/what the businesses provide AND what information they wish each NYCIDY resident to provide.

Find a Copy of an Action Plan Template in your Google Class Materials.