Week Two – Connecting

Land Acknowledgment

In New York, we are on the ancestral land of the Lenape people.

We say this to acknowledge that, no matter when or how we personally arrived on this land, we each have a relationship with the life and the pain that this ground has witnessed.

We have a responsibility to honor this land.  To make a connection to it that allows us to leave it better off than when we arrived.

Tool ~ Mindfulness Check-in

Tool ~ Restorative Practices

Our sessions together are not meant to be like school. Your instructor is not giving you information, and you are not writing it down to remember it for a test. This WORK is about your development as a person. You and your team members lead this work, which means your instructor is your guide. They will keep you on track and up to the task.

This means – you must be willing to lead the way!

So even though we are in a virtual space we are still going to use the circle to connect with one another.

Remember – your intentions don’t work – unless you do! We will take action on our tasks and hold each other accountable in the circle. And together, we will realize our intentions through thoughtful conversation.

Setting the Container – 

Setting the Container is a restorative term used to describe how our sessions will be conducted. It describes the commitments we choose to make to an another for how we will hold space and for how we will work together.

Click the Group Commitments below to read through what to expect in our sessions together.

-You are here ~ Be present ~ Be Kind ~

Treat others how you want to be treated

-Embrace “The Circle Process”

As shared the way we work at NYCID is using the Restorative Circle – We will never force you to speak so understand you can pass and we expect that you will participate as you become more familiar with the how we work together.

-Let perfection go and share your experiences

We must work together and learn from one another in order for our process to be fulfilling.

-What’s shared here stays here and what’s learned here leaves here.

– Remember impact over intention – Opps and Ouch

-Notice our own biases and judgments

We all have them. Let’s not ignore them!

-Realize our privilege

It exists and is based on different seen and unseen identities we hold – we deepen our connections to one another when we acknowledge as much.

-Practice self-care and community care

Take care of yourself – when done right – you will take care of others!

Small Group Discussion (Circle)

Let’s circle up and discussion how we are feeling so far.

Round One:

Tell us who you are and where you live

Share your Emotional Weather Report?

Example: My name is James and I am from Brooklyn, and today I am feeling a bit Cloudy with some rain.


As you can see from how we are encouraging you to begin your day and how we will start every group session together– we are creating space for you to understand how you are feeling at any moment. It’s why we ask the question – ‘what is moving in you?’

Our intention here is to help you identify your state of being because we believe that when we all understand how we are feeling, we are usually better able to understand how others are feeling. It makes building community and establishing trust easier. It makes having difficult conversations less challenging. It makes taking and giving feedback less stressful. It makes getting through the tough stuff less traumatic.

Purpose: The ‘What’ and ‘Why’ You Are Here

The purpose of this summer experience is to help you develop essential skills for use in your personal and professional growth.

These skills will serve you to help you understand your own heart and mind and they will propel you forward in any career or job you pursue.

This first week of training will help you make connections to yourself and others.

Training Portfolio To-Dos

While you are all here for the same reason – to participate in SYEP and earn money and experience, each of you is a unique human being with a story.

Your life story is the one you write for yourself every day. While it is true that in life, things happen to us based on life circumstances, what is also true is that we can choose how we respond to those circumstances.

So what is your story? What is the story you are telling yourself every day?

What’s My Story?

As you heard in the seminar you have to complete a number of steps to on your Training Portfolio.

The first step is in your “My Story” Section on your training portfolio.

Help your team and your instructor learn a bit about who you are and what you hope to accomplish this summer.

What Are My Intentions?

Take some time to decide what intentions you are going to put forth while you are with us. What do you want to manifest? What do you see happening?

Then in the “My Intentions” Section on your Training Portfolio, use the space provided to share your ideas. 

Note: You will need to discuss your answers in our circles during our sessions together.

What Are My Expectations?

Take some time to decide on the expectations that you have for yourself, your fellow NYCID-izens, and your instructor.

Then in the My Expectations Section on your Training Portfolio,  add your list.

Note: You will need to discuss your answers in our circles during our sessions together.

Circle Up – Sharing Intentions

Let’s circle up and discussion how we are feeling so far.

Round Two:

What are your intentions for the summer?


Next Steps and Quick Reminders

  • Remember – You have to go to one of the seminars on Monday or Tuesday.
  • Remember – We are meeting twice a week.
  • Remember – you have to complete your Week Two Course by Friday Each Week. This happens on the NYCID Training Website.