On this site you will do all your independent work each week. Your instructor will use this site as a guide in your group sessions (or huddles). This will keep us all on the same page!

The most important thing we want you to do on this site is to always be sure to follow the prompts.

For example, you will see prompts like:

When you see a prompt you must take action.

Also, when you see our colleague pointing to an image on the site – you have to click on the image she is pointing at to get more information.

All My Life’s a Circle

This summer you are going to learn a lot about communication. One of the most effective tools that we use to communication is by using The Circle Process.

Some of you may have some experience with sitting and talking in circles in the various environments you are engaged in each day.

Trusty Words

Take a moment and think about how you come to trust the people you know. Your friends, your family, and the people you come in contact with each day like your teachers, school administrators, your neighbors, the bus driver and people who help you at the corner store.

Pro-Action Plan Task: What words come to mind when you think about the people you trust?

Complete the form below by entering your email and one word that you feel represents trust. For example “Family.”