2534 Pitkin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11208


We are a proudly Black-owned establishment dedicated to transforming the beauty supply
experience. Our vision is to cultivate a vibrant community hub where curated products,
luxurious salon services via The Beauty Space, and unparalleled customer care converge
seamlessly. At Youzuri Beauty Supply, we believe that true beauty extends beyond skin-deep.
It’s about fostering connections, nurturing self-expression, and embracing the beauty in


We are seeking a motivated and enthusiastic Summer Intern to join our team and assist in
various aspects of our beauty supply store and salon operations. This internship provides a
unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the beauty industry, merchandising, and
social media marketing while working closely with our salon professionals.

1. Merchandising:

  • Assist in organizing and maintaining store inventory, including restocking shelves, arranging
    displays, and ensuring products are well-presented.
  • Collaborate with the team to create visually appealing displays that highlight featured
    products and promotions.

2. Social Media Assistance:

    • Support social media initiatives by creating engaging content for various platforms, including
      Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
    • Capture photos and videos of salon services, products, and events to share on social media

    3. Salon Assistance:

      • Provide support to salon professionals by assisting with client appointments, preparing tools,
        and maintaining cleanliness and organization in the salon area.
      • Greet clients, answer inquiries, and ensure they have a positive experience during their visit.
      • Learn about different salon services and products to effectively assist clients and promote
        our offerings.


      • Must have an interest in field
      • must be willing to learn
      • must have great interpersonal skills

      Schedule: M, W, Th: 12pm-5pm/ Tu, Fri: 10am-3pm

      Openings: 1

      Job Category: Entrepreneur retail salon
      Job Type: In Person
      Job Location: 11208 Brooklyn
      Applicant Age: 16+

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      IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not meet all of the requirements of the job description, your application may not be selected for the position.