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Legends is a premium experiences company that specializes in delivering holistic solutions for sports and entertainment organizations and venues. We approach each project with our 360-degree service solution, comprised of planning, sales, partnerships, hospitality, merchandise, and technology solutions. Our global, multi-disciplinary service solutions collaborate on every project to ensure success across each of our verticals.


  • Expeditors work in several fields including food service, manufacturing, logistics and wholesale distribution to oversee the distribution of goods.
  • They track all steps of the supply chain and direct colleagues on where to send supplies or product orders.
  • Expeditors act as a liaison between various departments and company suppliers, directing packages to the right location and arranging for timed deliveries.
  • They assess transportation infrastructure and make suggestions on how to improve efficiency and meet inventory and supply demands.
  • The role of an Expeditor is to track the distribution process and provide a guarantee that workflows will be completed on time.


  • Must be vaccinated
  • Must be 18 years old

Schedule: TBD

Openings: 24

Job Category: customer service SYEP
Job Type: In Person
Job Location: 10451
Applicant Age: 18+ Preferred

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