1374 Clove Road, Staten Island, NY 10301

We are a tax preparation and bookkeeping/accounting firm, that also assists clients with investment management and retirement planning.


  • Bullet data entry into our bookkeeping program, an basic spreadsheet work.
  • Assist with analyzing tax preparation client data to see where there are opportunities to offer other services we have.
  • Assist with office tasks such as shredding and minor tidying tasks.


  • Familiar with a computer
  • Willing to learn some office skills.
  • College age, 18-19
  • 8-12 hours a week

Slots: 1

Schedule: Office Hours: 8am-6pm/ M-Tu, Thur, Friday

Job Category: Administration Clerical Work Data Entry LTW
Job Type: In Person
Job Location: 10301 Staten Island
Applicant Age: 18+ Preferred

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