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At the heart of Career Hue, a proud entity under Melanin Serendip & Co, lies a commitment to championing the narratives of minority-owned women businesses. We specialize in crafting unique professional and business identities, ensuring your story is not just heard but celebrated.

We Offer:

Personal Branding: We transform your professional narrative into a compelling brand, setting you apart in the competitive landscape.

Strategic Growth: Leveraging insights and creativity, we design a roadmap for your career advancement or business growth, focusing on impactful outcomes.

Interview & Pitch Mastery: Our expertise prepares you to shine in any setting, turning opportunities into successes.

Entrepreneurial Empowerment: We empower your business with strategies that resonate, driving visibility and engagement.

Our Commitment: Career Hue stands as a beacon for minority women entrepreneurs and professionals. We blend innovative strategies with heartfelt storytelling to ensure your brand is not only visible but vibrant and influential. We embark on this journey together. With Career Hue, your professional and business aspirations become achievements powered by 20 plus years of experience. Our Founder is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Certified.


  • Assist with studio preparation and clean-up, camera, props, and staff needs (performers, directors, camera person).


Marketing Assistant 


Jump into the marketing mix as a Marketing Assistant! Perfect for college students ready to take their classroom learnings and dive into real-world marketing magic. This role is all about strategy, creativity, and making a mark in a bustling team environment.

What You’ll Do:

– Pitch in on marketing plans to get our brand all the buzz.

– Dive into research to keep us ahead of trends and know what our audience digs.

– Whip up cool content for socials, emails, and our site that people can’t help but click.

– Get hands-on with event planning, making sure every detail shouts our brand.

– Track how our campaigns are doing and help us get even better with the insights you uncover.

Bring Your A-Game With:

– A study grind in Marketing, Business, or Communications.

– A radar for the latest in marketing and social media.

– Skills to communicate ideas clearly and creatively.

– The magic to juggle tasks and hit deadlines on the dot.

– Some Microsoft Office wizardry, and if you’re good with design tools, even better.

Here’s your chance to flex your marketing muscles on real projects that matter. Ready to make an impact?


Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Open Positions: 1

Job Category: assistant marketing
Job Type: Hybrid
Job Location: New York
Applicant Age: 16+

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