180 Burgher Ave, Staten Island, NY 10304

MAS SI is a community based organization that caters to family and youth all across Staten Island. MAS SI has programs and services like food pantries, youth gatherings, summer camps, and weekend schools!


  • Processing Information for Entry into a System: This involves entering data accurately and efficiently into a system or database.
  • Typing: Proficient typing skills are required to input information quickly and accurately.
  • Navigating the Internet: Utilizing online resources for research, data verification, and other tasks.
  • Research Projects: Conducting research on various topics as assigned by the organization.
  • Computer Use: Utilizing computer software and tools for data entry and other tasks.
  • Networking: Building professional relationships and connecting with other individuals or organizations.
  • Tech Support: Providing basic technical support for computer-related issues.


Administrative Tasks: Performing general administrative duties such as organizing files, scheduling appointments, and handling correspondence.

Filing: Maintaining organized records and documents in both physical and digital formats.

Meeting Notes: Taking accurate notes during meetings and ensuring that important information is documented.


Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Open Positions: 3

Job Category: Data Entry
Job Type: Hybrid
Job Location: Staten Island
Applicant Age: 16+

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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not meet all of the requirements of the job description, your application may not be selected for the position.