New York Center for Interpersonal Development
130 Stuyvesant Place, 5th Floor
Staten Island, NY 10301

Phone: (718) 815-4557
Fax: (718) 876-6068


Candace Gonzalez
Chief Executive Officer

Phone: (718) 947-4021
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Michael De Vito, Jr.
Associate Executive Director of External Affairs
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Jessica O’Brien
Program Operations Manager

Phone: (718) 947-4025
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Senior Director Staff

Ivy Bilotti
Senior Director of After School Child Care
Phone: (646) 457-5438
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Michael Candella
Senior Director of Community Development
Phone: (718) 815-8124

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Sequoia Stalder, Esq.
Senior Director of Conflict Resolution Services
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Alternative Education Programs

Chantel Cabrera
Director of Workforce Initiatives

Phone: (929) 321-0016
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Cynthia Green
Program Manager, Olympus Academy
Phone: (718) 272-1926 ext. 1153

Pavel Valera
Program Manager, Young Adult Borough Center at Tottenville
Phone: (347) 552-0559

William Michael Cooper
Program Manager, Concord High School
Phone: (718) 704-6049

Mediation and Training

Elizabeth Bonici
Assistant Director, Conflict Resolution Services
Phone: (718) 947-4036

Mentoring Programs

Romel Shuler
Probation Supervisor
Phone: (929) 314-7017

Julius Walker
Program Coordinator, Arches

Phone: (718) 947-4059

Emanuel Bloomfield-Jones
Program Coordinator, Next Steps

Phone: (917) 831-6569

Parent ACT

Nancy Nybergh
Program Manager

Phone: (917) 831-6469
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NYCID @ P.S. 62

Margie Muhamed
Afterschool Program Director
Phone: (718) 668-8640 X 1623

Giselle Vargas
Administrative Assistant

Phone: (718) 668-8640 X 1623

NYCID @ P.S. 861 (Staten Island School of Civic Leadership)

Nina Gallicchio & Nicole Polascio
Afterschool K-5 Program Director
Phone: (718) 697-5250 X 9

Administrative Assistant
Phone: (718) 697-5250 X 9

Associate Director of After School Programs

Maram Salem