Concord High School

New York Center for Interpersonal Development
At Concord High School

New York Center for Interpersonal Development (NYCID) has partnered with Concord High School in hopes of nurturing personal growth and professional development for young adults across Staten Island.  Our agency’s dual focus on conflict resolution and primary person mentoring provides the basis for our services. As such, this approach meets the developmental needs of our students by building on their resiliency, assets, and potential as they complete their academics to earn a high school diploma.  We help our youth to develop the skills and competencies needed to be successful in postsecondary environments and to thrive in the workplace.

In the first months of partnership, Concord High School students have participated in a variety of professional development opportunities, for which they are being compensated via the Learning to Work Program. Currently, 30 students are enrolled in a NRF Customer Service and Sales Accreditation course, which meets twice weekly, 53 different students have leveraged NYCID’s Friday Student Development Workshops, and 35 students have completed, or begun the process of creating professional resumes with the support of NYCID’s Job Developer at Concord High School. To this extent, more than 125 students have met with an Advocate Counselor to set college, career and personal goals that will help to motivate their pursuit of a high school diploma.

Starting next academic semester, we seek to build upon our current progress, and offer a wider variety of professional accreditations. Further, as we build relationships with local businesses and community organizations, we will be facilitating job placement and paid internships for Concord High School students. It is NYCID’s goal to ensure that each student receives the personal and professional support necessary to flourish beyond a diploma, and with the success we have seen in three short months, we are confident in their ability to exceed expectations.

For more information, contact:
Kevin Farrell, Program Director
Phone: 718-704-6049