Community-Based Programs

General Community Mediation

General community mediation services are provided to the community. People come to our center either through self-referral by the parties or by referrals from the police, social service agencies or other community organizations. General community mediation can address a wide variety of conflicts such as neighbor disputes, noise complaints, parking issues, animal issues and disputes over other community and quality of life issues.…read more

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Elder and Disabled Care Mediation

This program is in development and includes mediation specifically designed to meet the needs of Staten Island’s elder population. Examples of disputes handled include basic quality of life issues, disputes of elderly individuals or their families with nursing homes and medical care providers, and disputes between elderly individuals and their adult children regarding housing and medical care.

For more information, please contact Katie Cole, Associate Mediation Manager, at (718) 947-4035 or by email at

Family Mediation

The Center has a comprehensive program designed to address a variety of family conflicts. Services provided include custody/ visitation mediation, resolution of disputes between adult siblings or family members, and probate disputes.

For more information, please contact Katie Cole, Associate Mediation Manager, at (718) 947-4035 or by email at

Parent/Teen Mediation

Mediation has proven to be a useful tool in settling conflict between parents and adolescents. It can improve communication and help both parents and teens learn how to “fight better” so that everyone wins.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Bonici , Asst. Director, at (718) 947-4036 or by email at

Assisting Children through Transition (A.C.T.)

A.C.T. (Assisting Children through Transition) is a parent education and awareness program designed by the New York State Unified Court System to educate divorcing or separating parents about the impact of their breakup on their children. With this knowledge, parents are empowered to take steps to minimize the impact of their breakup on their children. Classes are conducted by psychologists, family therapists, social workers, lawyers and mediators. Attendance may be mandated by court order, or may be voluntary.

For more information, please contact our Parent A.C.T. Program at (917) 831-6469.

Supervised Visitation

In cooperation with the Integrated Domestic Violence Court and Family Court, NYCID offers Staten Island families a safe and affordable environment for supervised visits where non-custodial parents can spend time with their children.

This program is funded in part by:





For more information, please contact Erin Neubauer-Keyes , Assistant Director – Supervised Visitation Program, at (718) 947-4039.