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YABC – After School Programs – ARCHES



Meet Carlos and you know what overcoming looks like.

In his eyes you’ll see hope.

In Carlos you see confidence that tomorrow holds promise.

Carlos is a graduate of NYCID’s Young Adult Borough Center (YABC).  In partnership with NYC Department of Education YABC offers students in danger of dropping out a chance to make up their credits and earn a traditional high school diploma.

BUT it is more.

The program has a rigorous academic component that is supported with tutoring, counseling and focuses on a goal of preparation beyond completion of academics.  Students are given experiential work internships that strengthen their skills and prepare them to exceed personally and professionally.

The graduates of YABC develop the skills they need to succeed personally and professionally.

Carlos is just one of thousands who have been able to shape their lives through YABC because no one should feel that their options are limited when they are seventeen. The YABC program is infused with hope that is strengthened by the skills that are learned and the reward of success that is earned.

Your support of NYCID’s YABC and of young adults like Carlos can make the difference in whether someone can be a contributor to society-or not.

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After School Programs

Meet Michael.  Michael is like most youth his age.  He wants friends.  He wants to belong.  He wants to learn.  He wants to explore.

Michael’s mother Cathy wants all these things for him but when Michael’s father passed away that someone who helped to foster his dreams and help him move forward with his passions, was gone.  His mother is now a single mom and is looking for places and people to help her help her son have enrichment that doesn’t happen within the classroom walls.  Stepping into a NYCID After School Program opens him into a world that makes a commitment to him and supports her as a mom.

NYCID collaborates with schools and develops, customizes and implements After School Programs and Summer Programs that bridge the learning in school that fosters the creativity and activities that shape students into the people they are meant to be.

What’s makes the NYCID After School Programs key in youth development is how they infuse them with opportunities to learn about conflict resolution, anger management and decision-making techniques. These are life-long tools that shape them into contributors to their community.

Over 1200 students per day have benefitted from NYCID’s enriching after-school and summer camp programs.

The myriad of After School offerings include STEM care, clubs, recreational activities and extend to summer programs that all provide safe, engaging and enriching activities.   Learn more about NYCID’s Afterschool and summer programs here.




NYCID’s Arches program recognizes that your environment and the people who surround you and you surround yourself with have an impact on your life.  You are shaped by these influences.  Arches recognizes that decisions and circumstances put you on a path that may seem one way.  For young adults who are on probation the attitudes and behaviors that were in place prior to their criminal behavior need to be addressed so that young adults like Quoron, Rae-Kwon and Diamond can forge another path for themselves.

Arches realizes success because it recognizes that a support system and culturally appropriate mentors can make the difference between moving forward or once again becoming entangled in the criminal justice system.

NYCID’s Arches incorporates positive values, principles and practices for 16 to 24 year old young adults who over six months transform many of their thoughts and behaviors and opens up opportunity for them to be employed and in self-help environments.

You can help bridge the difference between a path that is obscured and one that is better plotted for these young adults.  You can become one of their supporters by donating to NYCID’s Arches program.