New York Center for Interpersonal Development

Our Mission:

We Improve Lives

Founded in 1970, New York Center for Interpersonal Development (NYCID) is a not-for-profit organization on Staten Island that promotes the improvement of human relationships and the strengthening of communities as fundamental to achieving a civil society. We provide youth, community, and professional development programs, as well as dispute resolution services that educate and inform the public about constructive problem-solving, effective communication and intercultural awareness. We also operate a training institute to teach these skills to others.

Four decades ago we first opened our doors with The Rap Center on New Dorp Lane, a place for young people to gather, explore personal issues and forge healthy relationships with caring adults willing to provide support and guidance through very difficult times.

In 1982, NYCID broadened our scope of services and opened the Community Dispute Resolution Center. With the training of volunteers in mediation and other methods of conflict management, we began providing professional dispute resolution services to the Staten Island community at large.

Over the years, NYCID has reaffirmed our commitment to supporting young people and peacefully resolving conflicts. The years have seen us grow into the noteworthy and unique service provider that we are today. Working not only with Staten Islanders but with residents throughout New York City, our menu of programs and services has expanded to include: school-based after school enrichment programs, a transfer high school, dropout prevention services, numerous innovative mediation and conflict management services and dynamic training and professional development workshops.

Now in our 50th year, NYCID continues to value the cultivation of positive, respectful human relationships and the strengthening of communities as fundamental to achieving a civil and just society. It is towards this mission that NYCID, through our committed and talented staff, volunteers, partners, and supporters, dedicates itself each and every day. We thank you for your continued support of our work and mission.

New York Center for Interpersonal Development’s Accomplishments:

Over 7,500 members of our community have been helped this year. More than 600 under-aged/over-credited and disconnected youth aged 14-24 in Staten Island and Brooklyn were provided with counseling, internships, job training opportunities, life skills training, conflict resolution and other tools to work toward academic success. Our staff and volunteers mediated more than 700 disputes involving 4,000 Staten Island residents. 150 adults and 125 young people were trained in conflict resolution skills, including 35 that work directly with school-aged children and their families.

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